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Author/Date Problem with time zone
22/09/2007 9:15am
If I (German local time) send an email (for example via Yahoo Mail) to one of my email accounts at 11:10, Scribe shows "9:10" in "Date sent" (i.e. the difference in Scribe is always two hours).

If I receive the same message with TheBat, it shows the right time (i.e. 11:10), so it isn't a problem with Yahoo Mail.
23/09/2007 3:15am
Scribe adjusts the time/date in the headers to your timezone so that mailing lists and email conversations sort into the correct order.

In the next version you'll be able to turn it off with an option. It's been asked about before. Most people agree that at the end of the day, timezone conversion is the best way.
27/09/2007 7:10pm
Only if it works correctly! Your program may be reading incoming data properly but if it was wrong at the source (which seems common!) then the result won't be sensible. Better to at least have things in chronological order at the receiving end.

By the way, when you say 'next release' is that in 1.90?
27/09/2007 9:54pm
Probably. Is that going to be an issue?
28/09/2007 10:15pm
No issue; Just wondering!