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26/09/2007 12:07am

Hmm i cant seem to figure out how to show attachments inline.
The html images are showing correctly but image attachments are not showing anywhere.

any one know where i turn this on?

26/09/2007 12:16am
If the message is text only you'll have to view the images in an external program.
26/09/2007 12:37am
If the message is text only you'll have to view the images in an external program.

No that is a shame. It certainly would be an extremely useful feature seeing as the dlls are there to display them, in my system anyway.

I know its frivolous but maybe you would consider adding this feature in the future?

26/09/2007 12:47am
Consider it considered.
26/09/2007 11:19am
would i be able to do this with scripts?

for instance, could I extract the attachments then the convert mail to html and display it, then discard the changed mail.

26/09/2007 11:26am
Thats an intriguing idea. It's possible in theory but I'd expect you'd run into trouble with getting it to actually work. Maybe in a few weeks you could remind me to look at that idea, because I'm totally snowed at the moment.

a) write a filter that detects plain text email with images in script (what if it's already html?)
b) set the cid field of attachments so that the img tags can find them
b) if detected, set the HTML field to text + img + img + img with the right cid's in the 'src' field.

I think the difficult part will be setting the cid of the attachments. That probably hasn't been implemented in the SetValue handler of the attachment object. i.e. you can do it via the C++ API but not the script API.