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17/10/2002 9:01am
Is it possible to change then date and time format in Scribe to localized settings?

Ie: " hh:mm", and with 24 hour time?
17/10/2002 7:56pm
Currently Scribe detects between d/m/yyyy and m/d/yyyy, to keep all the americans happpy ;)

I'll file it away on my todo list.
ISO 8601 proselytizer
11/11/2002 4:29pm
Would it be possible to add the international date format? See this page for why some of us prefer it:


THANKS! Great program
11/11/2002 10:50pm
There is an option to override the default date format in the new version.

I didn't make it an arbitary "yyyy/mm/dd" because that doesn't really fit in with the way I'm doing dates, but it does give the common options for ordering of components.

And yes "year/month/day" is one of the options :)