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Alexandre Plennevaux
01/01/2008 11:40pm

Using inSpire 1.89 test 22

i'm having issue sending email using my SSL account.

Here is the log:

Using 'C:\Program Files\Scribe\ssleay32.dll'
Using 'C:\Program Files\Scribe\libeay32.dll'
Connected to '' using SSL
Error 1: error:00000001:lib(0):func(0):reason(1)
SSL connection closed.

UI-wise, an alert box pops us saying "couldn't open connection to the server
Server error message: "

so no error message...

hope this helps

Alexandre Plennevaux
01/01/2008 11:50pm
it seems it works now, i installed latest 1.90 test 1 and chose STARTTLS