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Author/Date shift-delete (don't move to Trash)
06/09/2008 3:56pm
(InScribe 1.90T5)

I just cleaned my 50MB /Spam folder. I would have liked to just kill all the mails in it.

I had to move the contents of /Trash to a new folder first, since I archive my deleted mails (for me, deleted means 'done' or 'processed', but I might want to look up the mail at a later point. If a mail is completely irrelevant, it is spam).

Then I deleted all the Spam content, went to Trash, deleted the spam again. Then I moved back the TrashBackup content to Trash.

Is there an easier way to kill the /Spam content?

By the way, deleting the TrashBackup folder moved it to /Trash; when I try to delete it there, nothing happens.