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Author/Date Is there a way add text or edit a message in the inbox?
23/09/2008 2:17pm
Hi all. I tired inscribe for a little while, but went back to Outlook because I need to be able to add text to a received email. Outlook allows this. is there a way to do it in Scribe?

23/09/2008 9:12pm
If you right click on a message, select properties, and then turn on the "created" flag. That will allow you to edit the body of the message. Most people don't want to accidentally change a message from someone else.

An alternative for small amounts of text is the Label field in the Fields tab. I could if you want expand that to by multi-line, more like a notes field?
16/11/2008 7:40pm
That's great - I wondered how I could add text to a received message.

If you do it to an HTML message, though, it seems that the message then becomes text, even if you later uncheck "Created."

The idea for me with adding text to a received message is to place something at the top that I FOR SURE want to see if I read the message again, even a print copy of it. If I use "label" it is too easy to not notice that the message is labeled and not read the label note. If I need to make a "message to me" such as "When you call about this do not mention we used so-and-so as a vendor since they hate each other" it is all too easy to not click on label and label text field. I guess I could use color, etc. in some system, but you would still have to take an extra step and also I want it to work in archived messages (exported), when printed, etc. I guess I could show it in the column headers also but there is only so much room for those and since most messages are not labeled it seems wasteful to show that column, which is usually blank.

HOWEVER, the last thing you want is feature-bloat in your clean great program, however; so only simple small changes, if any, should be considered. Something like a checkbox for "pop up label text as a post-it note when message previewed" which would then pop up the label text(s) noticably, either in a separate window or at the top of the preview pane text, would work. But it's one more small brick in the wall for future feature bloat!