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23/10/2008 12:46pm
Ok, i installed it. It says it's loaded:

GnuPG TextPipe Loaded

But there's no UI or options to encrypt or anything anywhere?
28/01/2009 10:44am
I have the same problem, and the registry key
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GNU\GnuPG\gpgProgram is set
anyone as a solution
28/01/2009 10:48pm
Which versions of Scribe?

Which download of the plugin did you use?
29/01/2009 8:37am
I have the last version of inscribe
v:2.0beta 8 and the corresponding version
of gpg plugin, working on a windows XP (SP3)
system. All gnupg and mail client are on
a usb drive, all paths and registry are
coherant. I see the text under but not
icons on UI when i send or receive a mail.
The bitmap seems correct.
gnupg works well for uncrypt, but seems
to fail when i try to crypt, perhaps due to
a problem of accurate key selection. Using
an alternative mode such as winpt (in the
same drive) works well in all cases.