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04/09/2009 7:44am
Is it possible to buy / upgrade InScribe V2.00 yet? (with the right to use 1.90)
I have a friend that might be interested, but buying 1.90 at this points seems a bit silly.
25/09/2009 11:37pm
no it doesnt considering v2 has been in beta since last century.
30/10/2009 7:57am
someone really has a bug up their ass.

Yes it's taking some time, accept it. fret is not after your money.
If you like inscribe buy it AS IS, otherwise bugger off.
30/10/2009 8:00am
sorry if the chilly is a little too hot
30/10/2009 11:39pm
Official story?

v2.00 will be out by Christmas... maybe a bit earlier depending on bug rates. And pricing? It's good news.