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18/01/2010 8:44pm
First of all i really appologize if there were something like that earlier but seaeching is not working at my place(or i search wrong)

I really like the way i-scribe looks and probably it will be my main mail client(probably in-scribe later) but there is one small problem. I cannot run my gmail account. I check account settings at gmail help page, copied that to i-scribe account and it is not working. I tried both pop and imap. Can someone write me acc. conf. for gmail imap?

BTW. in logbook i read that program is trying to connect via port 143(default probably) in spite of setting it to 993.

Please help, couse i really like to use that program:)
thanks in advance!

24/01/2010 4:54pm
24/01/2010 6:26pm
Please read question before answering... I did not ask about POP3 but IMAP...
06/02/2010 5:57pm
I did read your question, you mentioned "I tried both pop and imap".
You however did not mention the fact that you found the "connecting to Gmail document", on this website despite asking a question about connecting to Gmail.

To be totally honest i did not realize the link does not cover IMAP, its been a while since i actually read it.

just a suggestion:
Start with thanking me for my attempt at helping you, (however useless i've been at actually doing that) instead of starting out with subtely hinting to the fact that you do not appreciate my (unsuccesfull) attempt.
11/02/2010 9:10pm
ok, my mistake:) appologize for that please:) Its definately better to get wrong answer than no one:)
15/02/2010 10:01pm
So heres the deal. The current beta can't connect to gmail because IMAP is not supported properly in the new IMAP implementation. The good news is that I've gone in and fixed that this morning, and I have a working IMAP(full) connection to gmail right now. This fix will be in the next release which I plan to make this week.
20/02/2010 11:53pm
Please try the new build: beta18, because it should work with gmail now.
02/05/2010 6:35pm
hello again,
i downloaded is2b24 and tried again with that gmail, imap.

I set my acc like: :993 with ssl :465 with ssl

unfortunately iscribe still doesn`t want to download anything. Instead i received those msg

ScribeImap_Thread.cpp:524 - Connect to failed.
ScribeImap_Thread.cpp:524 - Connect to failed.

What can be wrong??:( i really like to use this program:(
02/05/2010 10:06pm
Google recently (last few weeks) changed the available authentication methods for SSL IMAP to one that Scribe doesn't support. I've started investigating what is required to support that new method (XOAUTH) and I have half an implementation in my copy here, but it's not working just yet. I'll make a release as soon as I can with a working support for XOAUTH.