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Author/Date New calendar folder on existing mail file
21/11/2002 8:37am
If you update to a newer version and you don't have the Scribe.r file anymore you can still select the old mailfile but it will create a new Calendar folder inside it.
There is no way around it than keeping your Sribe.r file before reinstalling Scribe
21/11/2002 7:06pm
I didn't know that..

It shouldn't happen like that, maybe there is a bug. I'll test it and see.
22/11/2002 2:26pm
After upgrading to 1.84 it hasn't disturbed me.
But today I was downgrading to 1.63 and I do have 3 calendar folders now - I don't dare to upgrade to software again.


22/11/2002 2:39pm
I found a way to remove the folders.

Move the other calendar folders to the main calendar folder. If scribe asks you if you want to attach below or right, say right. Now you have a subfolder and you will be able to delete them.

22/11/2002 10:34pm
There is another way to remove duplicates:

rename the "real" folder,
delete the dupes...
restore the proper name of the orginal.