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Author/Date Cannot change column width in Ver 2.00, BETA 21 release
05/04/2010 9:56pm
In order to try and solve a certain problem, I just completely removed
InScribe Ver 2.00, BETA 21 release, Build Mar27 2010 and all of its files
from this machine then re-installed it from scratch.

The original problem has reappeared unchanged, but I won’t go into
that now. Instead, I wound up with a new problem that I don’t
seem to be able to correct.

Where previously, customizing the message screens worked like a
charm, now I can not change the column widths any longer.

I can still select what column headers I want and the order in which
I want them to show, such as From—--To—--Subject--—Date Sent--—Date
Received--—Size----HTML, but the cursor now no longer changes from
a “hand” to an “double-arrowed line” when I move it over the crack
between two column headers, in order to adjust their respective widths.

What can/must I do to restore the lost column width adjustment
05/04/2010 10:12pm
Yeah that's a known bug in the most recent build, it came about because I was mucking with the cursors on the Mac port and didn't spend enough time testing the win32 build after-wards. I have fixed it and really need to release a new build, so I'll attempt that today. I was hoping people could get by on beta20 for a week or so.

There are enough changes in the pipe to warrant a release anyway.
05/04/2010 10:47pm
Thanks ever so much. You've saved my sanity :-)