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Author/Date Odd folders self-creating in i-Scribe
07/04/2010 10:28am
One of my machines is running i-Scribe, and that's Ver 2.00 Beta 17 Build Jan13, 2010. The prog runs fine but with an odd quirk that I can't seem to
get rid of.

My Folder List here is named i-Scribe Email. I believe I named it so but
can't find from where I might have done that so cannot change it now.
However, that name in itself is of no importance. What's important, and
vexing, is that every single time that I start the prog, a _new_ folder
self-creates itself and is named "i-Scribe Email/i-Scribe Email".

When I want to delete these folders, the Delete option is blanked out.
What I have to do then is shorten the label to just a single "i-Scribe
Email", and with no slash at the end. Now I can delete that "ghost" folder
to the Trash can.

What can/must I do, so that these "ghost" folders aren't created every
time I start up the prog in the first place?
08/04/2010 9:40am
Sounds like something is messed up with your sub-folder settings. Go into File -> Options -> Folders -> Sub-folders and check that the names of your system folders are sane.