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Author/Date i-Scribe v2.00 BETA 17 Build Jan13 2010 now crashing every time
11/04/2010 8:17pm
Problem here was that every time the prog was opened, a new entry appeared in the file directory at left which was entitled "i-Scribe eMail". Those new entries showed up as "i-Scribe eMail/i-Scribe eMail". They could be moved to the Trash folder only after first hand-deleting the "/i-Scribe eMail" portion
of that label.

You advised me to go to File-->Options-->Folders-->Sub Folders and check the names of the folders for sanity. I guess you referred to the button labeled "Set sub-folder locations" but before I was able to guess what you meant here by "sanity", and with maybe 20 of those labels successfully deleted to Trash and another 20 having shown up in the meantime, I could go no further:

A dialog box had shown up with "This application has crashed. Mini Dump/Write Dump failed with 127 0x7f."

I wanted very much to retain this version because it had no problem with blacking out the row of 7 buttons in the Tool Bar at top but gave up on that and
did not 1 but 2 re-installs of the prog. Did no good: got the same dialog box right off the bat both times.

So, I did a total uninstall of everything related to i-Scribe and downloaded/installed the newest v2.00 BETA 22 Release, Build: Apr 8, 2010

Was able to enter Account Data, set Column Widths and View to "just Folders and List". However, the list of folders never populated and, when I hit the New Email button, the "Crash MiniDump" dialog box came up again.

Re-installed the prog yet one more time, this time not from scratch but "over the top" but nothing has changed: Folders page on left still not populated and
Crash dialog box appears, no matter what I try to do.

BTW now here, too, the 7 buttons in the tool bar at top (or is that "Task" bar?) are covered by that nasty black bar. When I left click anywhere on it, the 'outline' of the repective button becomes visible and the list of contents opens up quite normally. Moving right or left from here will keep showing the contour line of every button and the legibly expanded list of contents as well.

Where do I go from here?
11/04/2010 11:22pm
Which operating system and version are you running on?
12/04/2010 1:42am
The machine with the main problem is running Windows ME 4.90.3000. It did _not_
have the secondary problem with the blacked out Task Bar buttons when it was still running i-Scribe-win32-v200-beta17.exe.

The machine with _only_ the blacked out Task Bar buttons is running Windows 2000
Version 5.0 (Build 2195, Service Pack 4) and uses i-scribe-win32-v200-beta22.exe

Please don't be angry with me for saying so, but That's why I am quite positive the black bar problem is _not_ caused by my machines but by something in Scribe that changed after Beta 17.
12/04/2010 1:52am
There have been ongoing problems with the menu background colours for years now. I did recently change the code that handles the background colour of the menus and this is what is causing the black bar.

However that change FIXED some other peoples problems. I will create a small application that lists all the windows colours and send it to you... I need to work out which are the right colour codes to use.
12/04/2010 5:22am
Thanks, Matthew. So that's one thing that won't rob me of sleep tonight...

Of course, it won't do anything to cure the crashes on the machine running Windows ME - but there's
always tomorrow :-)

As an aside here: Tomorrow for _me_ in California may not at all be tomorrow for _you_. If these time stamps are correct, it may already be tomorrow (Monday) for you right now.
13/04/2010 2:35am
Can you run this program and take screenshots of it?

I suspect the problem is that I use COLOR_MENUBAR as the menubar background and that value is not supported for older versions of windows. The default value returned instead is black.

So I'll modify my code to suit. Running that app will just confirm things. I'm interested to see what Win2k returns for that colour code.

13/04/2010 9:20am
Word files with color renditions from both the Windows 2000 and the Windows ME machines have gone out to you.

Thanks for your good work.
13/04/2010 10:35am
Try this build, the menus should be the right colour now.

I'm not going to spend time looking at the crash on the WinME machine, I have so many other high priority things to do and well, I've basically decided not to support all the Win9x/ME versions anymore, they are over 10 years old and most people use XP these days.
13/04/2010 10:39pm
New file works fine on Win 2000. Have not tried the Win ME machine yet - will do that later tonight, then let you know.

Not precisely "happy" with your reply re Win ME.... You see, I have set up that particular machine for my sister who is required by her two merchandising jobs (where she's nothing short of an _ace_ ) to do a number of things on computer exclusively - and she happens to be the exact opposite to a _computer person_. So, I keep everything as humanly possible "simple" for her, including her single-account email program.

Tried out various offerings - Scribe won out by far. So, I'll see if I can find what it is that went wrong here - and do something about it.

On the re-install that failed after I deleted _everything_ related to Scribe from Program Files, the only noticeable thing was that the Folders List remained blank - it never populated.

Does that by chance offer any clue?

A marginally related question here: could I delete any of the pre-programmed folders from the list without too much of headache? I am thinking of 'Groups' and of 'Calendar'.
14/04/2010 5:51am
Under Win ME, header bar looks fine now, too. That's great. One down, one to go.

Yep,, the new file was installed into a _blank_ Scribe account in C:\Program Files\. Program Files entries looked different than before, different from the other machine, as follows:
1) The newly downloaded file shows with its _full_ name but there now is no
file named <Scribe.exe....702KB....4/13/2010> in the list.
2) There now is _no_ directory named <folders.mail3 with subfolder named
3) There now are no files labeled "Lgi.dll * ScribeMapi.dll * ScribeOptions
.xml" nor is there a file called "uninstal.exe".

Any thoughts on that? Would/could it help if I copied over all of these - from
the other machine - especially maybe 'folders.mail3'?

Anyway, I opened the prog with no problem whatever and programmed whatever
needed to be programmed under File
| --> Options
| --> Identities
| --> Layout
Everything OK so far EXCEPT the folders pane is totally blank. Related to that, of course, when I go to Options-->Folders-->Start in Folder-->..., I am met by a blank, empty box. No pre-filling with folders such as Inbox-Outbox-Sent-
Contacts-Trash-Calendar-Templates-Filters or Groups.

Here, and especially here I am wondering again whether copying over the file 'folders.mail3' from the other machine would solve the biggest part of the problem?

Anyway, when I _at this point_ click on the New Email button, the Crash
Dialog Box appears and closes the program when I click on it. However, I can then re-open the prog with no problem and see what happens when clicking on _other_ buttons. The answer is NOTHING, except that SEND will give me a dialog box saying <Couldn't find the folder for outgoing mail>.

I would very much appreciate if you would kindly read this over and, maybe,
give me some input on why those files are not there and, more importantly even, whether copying them over from the other machine might be a viable path to success.

Thanks, Matthew :-)
14/04/2010 6:34am
What happens if you:
- click File -> Manage Mail Stores -> Create Mail Store
- select mail3 (try mail2 if that fails)
- select a place to save it etc...

14/04/2010 9:52am
Mission accomplished!
I found the folder 'folder.mail3' to exist, but the file 'database.sqlite' that resides inside of it with all of 0KB. Utterly empty, that is...
I also found a number of files not to be present. In particular:
Whitelist.idx - spamwords.idx - ScriptOptions.xml - ScribeMapi.dll - Lgi.dll
and hamwords.idx.

Haven't done anything about those apparently missing files as yet but will take care of that tomorrow.

So, what I did about the file 'database.sqlite' was to email a copy of the corresponding file from the Win 2000 machine, with its ready-made file structure - all ready to go, into the Win ME machine. A nice little file of
912KB and with that, I created a new Mail Store. Tested both outgoing and incoming mail - everything's the way it should be.

Can't explain any of this - not to myself and not to you, either but at this point, who cares...? The prog works...!

Thanks ever so much for the excellent pointer. That's what it took ;-)
19/04/2010 5:11am
FYI: A bug that matches your "can't create mail3 folders" has been fixed.