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Author/Date Print size only 8 pt. Can that be increased somehow?
18/04/2010 11:06pm
Scribe seems to be working very nicely now. The only thing
I have not been able to do is get a decent print size when
printing out any mail from this prog to the printer that's
connected to the respective computer.

The print size for viewing when reading, writing and editing
can be set and reset without any problem but when printing out
any doc, it prints in 8 pt. size. Every time. Whatever printer.

Mail sent to, and received by another email client is _not_
affected by this condition.

Is there any way for me to improve on that?
18/04/2010 11:21pm
Have you set the printing font?

File -> Page Setup
19/04/2010 7:32am
No, had not set that because I could not find from where to do
so - the (downloaded) online information which I consulted does
not touch on the subject.

So, thanks for your pointer. Followed it and indeed, my problem
has been corrected.
19/04/2010 8:03am
I think I should make the default mode of operation to use the same font / pt size as the screen display, but let the user override that with the page setup if they want.
19/04/2010 9:36am
I think that would be a very good move. I mean, for myself I now know where to go and change what. But other folks would probably be well served by that change.

By the way, that saying of "hindsight being 20-20" sure enough proved to be true in my case here. I had seen that drop-down menu section with > Print |
Print Setup | Page Setup < but just did not make the connection...

Looking back, the answer I needed had been staring in my face all along ;-)