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Author/Date File 'index.html' in sub-folder "help"
19/04/2010 5:48pm
Went back to something I ran into a few days ago and it's this:

When I click on "Help" in the toolbar, then on the top line labeled
"Help", what I get is a dialog box telling me

> The help file "index.html" is missing. It should be in a sub-directory
> called "help".

Strange thing is, that file 'index.html' is very much present in that
very sub-directory labeled "Help".

I noted that the dialog box spells 'help' in all lower case while in the
actual sub-directory it's properly spelled with an upper case 'H'. Just in
case, I changed the capital 'H' for a lower case 'h' but that made no

Why, then, won't Help open?
20/04/2010 12:44am
Which build of Scribe?

Which version of Windows?
20/04/2010 5:05am
Machine #1 is running Windows 2000 - ver 5.0 (Build 2195: Service Pack 4)
Machine #2 is running Windows ME - no version info given

Both machines are using file iscribe-win32-v200-beta22-menufix.exe 1,247 KB
27/04/2010 10:21pm
Anything new on this, by any chance?
27/04/2010 11:28pm
Not yet, looking into other things at the moment.