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Author/Date Only one name allowed per account?
27/04/2010 10:41pm
I have now entered all my accounts into InScribe, including those
that have always been used by both myself and one other person, as in
Michael <>
Mary <>
In all other progs that I know, there has never been a problem with
this - and both Mary's and my own name have properly shown as senders.
Not anymore here, it seems. Even though each identity's name is showing
correctly in the setup form, what show up at the receiving end is always
only _my_ name: Mike. Mary's name is getting substituted by my own.
This is true for all the tests that I/we sent _except_ one single one
where Mary's name was showing correctly.
Is there any way in which I can prevent this substitution of sender's names
from happening?
27/04/2010 11:32pm
So you have 2 identities setup for the same email address? But with different names?

That isn't something I planned on catering for in InScribe. I would expect that you could CREATE email with different names, but email received would be associated with one of those accounts, which one was active when it was received, and if you replied to that it would use the account it was received on.

I'll have to see what Thunderbird does to get some idea of how you are expecting that to be handled.
28/04/2010 12:56am
Thunderbird? Well, if you want to, but that is _not_ what I have
been using.

I was referring to Courier which has been a great prog for me but due to
accumulated size, has become too slow and cumbersome for daily use,

Here, as an example, is my mailbox for
From it, I can mail as "J. Michael Fritch", as "Mike Fritch"
or as "Asiana, Herrin des Clans" in the context of a computer game and
those are the names the respective recipients get to see.

It is up to each one of them, how they should reply. I they reply simply
to "will download their reply. Others, however, reply to the full
Asiana, Herrin des Clans <> and that is how it will
when it comes back to me.

Incidentally, I don't use OE much anymore but I believe it behaved the way that
Courier does, as well.
28/04/2010 6:09am
Adding to what I said earlier, it isn't just Courier that allows me to change
my senders' name for the initial send, but both Outlook Express 6 (6.00.2800.1983) and Sylpheed ver 3.0.2 (GTK+ 2.10.14/GLib 2.12.13) also deliver original emails with whatever name I have associated with my account.

So how come I am trying to work with an altogether different prog, such as InScribe, when these other progs do exactly what I want them to do?
Simply, really.

OE is very vulnerable to viruses and unwanted traffic and Sylpheed has too many
incidences where I can plainly see "X" number of emails being downloaded - many of them being expected but then, there isn't a single piece of mail in my inbox, nor anywhere else. Gone. Lost - and that's no way to fly...
28/04/2010 6:19am
So just to clear up any possible confusion.

1) When you click "New Mail" InScribe uses the currently selected Identity in the main menu.

2) When you click "Reply/Reply All" InScribe uses the identity associated with the account that the email was received on.

If at any point before sending you change the "From" address using the drop down on the mail window the email will be sent using that new address. If you don't have a "From" to edit in the main window, you should open out that From panel.
30/04/2010 8:17am
I agree with SurfriderJ. It is very handy in many situations to have multiple personalities attached to the same mail account. Not only user name is different, but (even more important for me) the signature, too.

I would like to have a little bit better support of signatures in InScribe. Presently, we can change identity while editing message, but the signature does not follow our change. It would be nice if it could.

The easy way to achieve that: when user switches identity, compare massage tail with outgoing identity's signature and in the case of match, replace it with the new one.

But let's go one level beyond current narrow limitation. I can imagine signatures as separate pool, independent from accounts. We could have thousands of them if we wish to. In the account setup dialog we could select one of them as default for this account. In the message editing window, such signature could appear as "signature band" (like current From and To ones), then we could choose another signature from dropdown list, at any time. The body and signature parts could be joined together only on send. The list of signatures should contain, of course, a <none> option to allow to write signature manually, right in the message's body.