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Author/Date Alphabetical order of folders
27/04/2010 11:41pm
To make any sense to the user, mail folders must list in an alphabetical order and the sub-folders inside of them must do the same thing.

Here with my InScribe program, now thought to become my _main_ email prog, I seem to have a problem with that.

I have, on different days, created the folders
* MICHAEL - with sub-folders 1) RETAIN THESE and
* MONALEE - with sub-folders 1) ATA and
2) RMS
* CFS.
Obviously, they should show in the alphabetical order of CFS--MICHAEL--MONALEE--SAMI ROSE, _not_ in the order in which they were created MICHAEL--SAMI ROSE--MONALEE-CFS, but that's what I got.

Is there any way in which I would be able to cause newly created directories
as well as their sub-directories to show up in a normal, alphabetical way?
27/04/2010 11:45pm
Um, what about right click on the parent folder and "Sort Sub Folders"?
28/04/2010 12:24am
Woweee - look at what we have gotten now:
Sami Rose

This is alphabetical alright, but intermixing my own with _your_ 'System' folders. The sub-folders under MICHAEL and MONALEE have also been resorted in alphabetical order.

Let's see now, what if I leave your own system folders untouched by my sorting efforts and start by creating one Master Folder of my own, into which I can then put my own files - out of order when first created but then sorted into the correct order.

Seeing that earlier, the sub-folders in my directories named MICHAEL and MONALEE
were left in their respective sub-folders but re-sorted in alphabetical order right there, that scheme might work.

Can't do it right now but will try it later tonight, then let you know of the results.

You know, your's is the first file system I have come across that adds new
file folders at the bottom, irrespective of the first letter's order in the alphabet - rather an interesting way to go but - alas!- rather confusing in the end ;-)

Anyway, I'll let you know later tonight.

30/04/2010 9:04am
But I like to sort folders by importance: most important at the top.

So, please develop an option in Scribe to sort them in that manner. ;-)
I'm just kidding, of course.

There is no way to satisfy all users. On will prefer to have system folders at the top, another - at the bottom, one would like ascending order, another descending, etc. C programmers would like uppercase before lowercase while Pascal programmers would prefer case-insensitive style...

We easily can end with a bloatware doing nothing more then perfectly sorting folders.

IMO possibility of manual ordering by drag/drop folders is ideal solution. With, perhaps, more sophisticated guessing instead of anoying dialog "next/sub".
Clay Chip Smith
08/01/2011 12:00am
I usually prefix my folders with numbers if I want them in a particular sort order.