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Author/Date iScribe b24 crashing on Close connection
01/05/2010 9:57am
I am using now latest beta 24 release. My mail account downloads through SSL connection. Always when I click Close connection button in Status bar at window bottom, iScribe crashes, sometimes immediately, sometimes after 5 seconds, depending on in what stage of downloading process it was at the moment. Scribe created minidump on certain occasions, shall I post it somewhere?
01/05/2010 10:07am
Yes please email any minidumps to me, or alternatively you can create a Bug DB entry and attach it there. Either is fine.

I'll have a look at the problem anyway.
01/05/2010 10:08am
I've posted a bug anyway, so I don't forget.
01/05/2010 10:59am
Posted by email.

Another rather annoyance than a problem, so I am not making new post for it, is that iScribe is redownloading all emails in my mailbox all over again. It is an issue since I have 3700+ emails in mailbox, as an archive.

Previous beta's behaved in such a way that for some time, regularly checking mailbox, they kept a track of last email. After some time, they started downloading again from some 1784 of 3500+ email.

Beta 24 starts downloading always all over again from 0. I use function Remove duplicate messages in this folder, but it does not catches all duplicates.
19/05/2010 12:42am
When it starts downloading all the mail again, it's because something is wrong with the options file.

1) Are the options still set correctly in the account's receive settings?

2) In the ScribeOptions.xml file there should be a element called "Messages" that contains all the meta data of the messages on the server. It looks like this:
    <Message Date="13/5/2010 10:41:45a">UID177347-1093141749</Message>
    <Message Date="13/5/2010 11:01:53a">UID177348-1093141749</Message>
    <Message Date="13/5/2010 4:44:41p">UID177350-1093141749</Message>
    <Message Date="13/5/2010 5:32:28p">UID177352-1093141749</Message>

If you can check if that is there under you accounts section in the options?
26/05/2010 8:08pm
Yes it is there, containing message IDs it downloaded before. When I opened it, it had 109 records. Then I opened Scribe, made it to download mail, so it downloaded new emails since 14.5., then followed downloading, but new messages were added to end of April, and they were dubbed to what was already in the download mail.
I guess it skipped correctly emails noted in .xml file, but the file itself had only ID of 109 from now 3900+ emails. Newly downloaded emails were noted OK.
Will try to find out when they get lost.