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Author/Date How do I import .ics calendar files in iScribe?
John Keen
16/05/2010 3:59am
Hi All,

Just started using the excellent iScribe and was wondering how to import an .ics Calendar file into the iScribe? (Or even a .csv version if not possible)

Thanks in advance

16/05/2010 11:16pm
Just drop the file on the calendar folder and it will be imported.
John Keen
17/05/2010 11:46pm
Thank you for the quick reply.

I did notice a previous post with the same answer, however only the first record of the calendar is imported.

Is there some way of importing a file with a number of records?

Thanks in advance.
17/05/2010 11:58pm
That would be a bug then. The only way of importing it would be to split the records up into separate files by hand... or wait for me to make a release with a fix in it.