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Author/Date inscribe: pop3 Mails deleted on server though it shouldn't
27/05/2010 8:55am

i'm using inscribe and run in trouble. All pop-mail-accounts have set the hook "leave mails on server" and no hook on "delete after ..." but in one of my accounts the mails were deleted after receive with scribe. With thunderbird the mails of this account leaves on the server after receive. So it seems to me thats it is not the server that cause this problem.

Sorry for my lousy english and thanks in advance
27/05/2010 2:21pm
Ok, I've tested it a little bit longer and it seems to me that mails which were "deleted as spam" in inscribe will be deleted on the server too. Is this a bug or a feature? Where can I change this behavior?
27/05/2010 10:31pm
Currently that is a feature. The assumption is that if it's spam, then you don't need to keep it on the server. This behaviour is hard coded into the software. Why would you not want spam to be deleted on the server?

If there is a real reason for someone to need that behaviour then I'll look at adding an advanced option to allow it.
28/05/2010 10:56am
Thanks for your reply.
As you can see was this behavior a suprise for me. I'm using inscribe on a usb-stick as portable mailclient so that I don't like it if there will mails be deleted. The spam is important for me to train the spamfilter on my home-computer. If all spam is deleted thru inscribe the next time I don't use it the spam-filter at home needs more work to learn all the new types of spam.
03/06/2010 11:26am
I agree with Geier. IMHO "Leave mail on server" doesn't mean "Leave mail on server except spam". So, It sounds like a broken promise :-(

I definitely vote against that feature in POP.