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Author/Date Problems in Linux-Version?
08/06/2010 6:52am
Hi all,

I'm using Debian sid and find some problems with the inscribe-linux-v190-test2. Windowmanager is xfce4, localisation is german.

1.) The delete-button won't work. I can delete mails only through right-click >> delete. By the way: the question "wirklich löschen?" (really delete) gives a "Yes" and a "No" button but it should be "Ja" and "Nein".

2.) Links can't be open in a browser. Neither simple click them nor mark them >> right-click >> copy and then insert in iceweasel (firefox). The clipboard is empty.

3.) The entry "mark all as read" is missing in the menu after right-click on a folder.

Ok, that's what I've found so far.
08/06/2010 9:04am
I'm aware of the problems with the existing builds for Linux, thats why I'm in the middle of porting it to GTK so that I don't have to maintain the back end as much.