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Author/Date Inbox got moved to bottom of folder tree
10/07/2010 6:23pm
Somehow, my Inbox folder got moved to the very bottom of the folder tree and I can't seem to move it back up to where it traditionally belongs: the very top of the folder tree.

When I try to relocate that folder to its position as the first folder beneath the header line which reads "TRAINER MIKE", what I get is a dialog box asking me "Where would you like to attach this folder" and offering the choices of Next Folder -- Sub Folder -- Cancel".

Neither of these options are the desired one, of course. I do not want to "attach" but to "reposition" this folder within the Folder tree.

What must I do to successfully perform that action?
10/07/2010 9:43pm
Depends on which version you're using.
10/07/2010 9:55pm
In older version (v1.90 and earlier) you have to re-add the folders (as child) in order to the mailbox. So add the Inbox (first), then the Outbox etc. One of the latest v2 builds is more intelligent and supports ordering correctly, when you add as child to the mailbox it puts it first rather than last. It's also possible that the bug fix is only in the unreleased code, you'd have to check the change list to see which build has that bug fix.
10/07/2010 10:46pm
What I am using is Ver 2.00 Beta 22.

Would that be the more intelligent build, or not yet?

You suggest I have a look at the Change List. No problem,
except that right now, I am drawing a blank as to how and
where to find that. Give me a tip, please.

Would you suggest I should download/install a later version
than what I currently have, over the top of what is here now?