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12/08/2010 2:56am
I have an iphone that I sync with one computer, and would like to sync it to a second computer....can you explain how to use your software? I have installed it on the second computer, but it doesn't know about the iphone key - it should have been backed up on the first computer by default - right?

Thanks in advance - if this program works - it will be a big help to me!

12/08/2010 3:26am
Backup your iPhone on the 2nd machine too... i.e. the one you want to sync with.
12/08/2010 12:37pm
I didn't want to erase everything on my iphone - and by syncing with the new computer it threatens to do just that.

I was going to do this with the hex editor when I saw something about this program. I have the hex code I need - how about an option to let me enter it in?

Just a thought for those of us that don't want to erase our iphones. :-)

12/08/2010 4:33pm
Hello Sharon,

you must not sync (and loose all apps etc.), just right-click in itunes (left column) in the device area your Iphone, and choose "save" or "backup".

After completing, close itunes and start phoneable...


12/08/2010 10:31pm
Sharon: When PhoneAble starts it shows you the hex code it read out of the iPhone backup, is that the same as what you have already or different?
19/08/2010 3:17am
Ok, I think the key is to please include (as a helpful hint) how to turn off automatic syncing...and how to do the backup. I had a problem because I didn't turn off automatic syncing - I had forgotten where it was until it was too late! Oh well!

Thanks for a helpful app - but I think some more helpful hints would go a long way!