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Author/Date "Error: null" when attempting to set key
12/08/2010 8:10pm
Great app!

I have successfully backed up my iPhone using iTunes and move on to step 2, setting the iTunes key. When I select "Set Key" I receive a response "Error: (null)." Is there anything I can do to correct this?
12/08/2010 10:42pm
I'm just looking at the code for setting the key and there are a number of places where it can return on error without setting the error message:

  • If the itunes XML has errors in it that I can't parse.
  • If the old key is NOT in the XML.
  • If the old key is NOT in the .itl file.

So I'd say there is something out of wack with your install of iTunes. In the meantime I'll add more error reporting to the code and make a new release over the weekend and if you run that it'll tell us more detail as to why it's failing.
12/08/2010 11:02pm
Ah, thanks. I was able to fix it with that information. I had to remove iTunes, delete the iTunes music folder and reinstall. Then it worked just fine. Thanks for your help.
12/08/2010 11:44pm
I've gone through the entire app and added about 20 new places where I log an error message, with lots of paths, status codes from windows etc.

The next release is going to be very nice for debugging...