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13/08/2010 2:50am
I ain't sure I am doing this right. The 3 basic steps very easy but beyond that I am not getting anywhere. I did on my desktop winxp - open iTunes execute the Backup and closed iTunes and opened Phoneable and Step 1 2 3... then did the same on laptop - win 7 64 bit ditto on that machine too. then I went to add songs from laptop and it was gonna erase all apps so then I transfered purhcases and then tried to add songs and it did but it erased my Music Library but added the songs... Went back to my Desktop synced and back the Library went... am I doing something wrong?
18/08/2010 5:58pm
So just an update. Normally i don't manage my library in itunes manually i just let it use what's is checked... so i did check the tick mark to manage manually and lo and behold it worked perfect. Thanks