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15/08/2010 11:37am
Hi all, just thought I'd keep the Mac users appraised of the mac version progress.

Currently I'm working getting it to run and look correct. For instance the code to retrieve the current user's Music folder is asserting (because it's not implemented), and the buttons are in the wrong place. Or don't show up at all. But progress is being made.
15/08/2010 11:46am
Ah, to get the user's music folder:
FSFindFolder(kUserDomain, kMusicDocumentsFolderType, kDontCreateFolder, &Ref);
16/08/2010 12:03am
Fixed the positioning of the text controls, now looks mostly correct. However it doesn't appear to be finding the iPhone backup files yet. So now work begins on the actual functionality of the application.
16/08/2010 11:40am
Sorted out the path issues. It's ready for testing... :D
25/08/2010 9:08am

it´s dosen´t work on my mac. i have the neu 27" iMac with 10.6.4.