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Author/Date When sending, can't get connection to the server
17/08/2010 9:57pm
Receiving emails is working fine but lately, when attempting to send
any mails, they fail to go out and I get the following error message:
"Couldn't open a connection to the server"
"421 Cannot connect to SMTP server (
Connect error 10060"
Would you have any helpful ideas with respect to what may be causing
this, and how to correct it?
18/08/2010 10:57pm
That error code is returned by windows when I try and setup a host structure, there's not much I can do inside Scribe to fix it. Normally it's a routing issue in your network. Or a problem with the DNS server you are using.

Very occasionally I get reports of that sort of error but it works in another email client. Which would mean that I might be calling the API incorrectly. But haven't had one of those for years.