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Author/Date Error on Win7 32-Bit
26/08/2010 2:08pm
In version 1.0, I couldn't get past Setting Key. It would just say
Now in 1.2/1.3, I cannot even get the key. Both Getting Key and Setting Key say
Initializing. In the program folder, there is a PhoneAble.txt that just fills
up with the following line:

H:\Code\Lgi\trunk\src\common\Text\GXmlTree.cpp:920 - Error tagname='?xml'

I am on Windows 7 32bit using iTunes 9.21 with an iPhone 3G using iOS 4.
26/08/2010 11:32pm
Your iTunes XML file is most likely corrupt. I'm not sure what could have caused that but PhoneAble does write to them, so it's possible that PhoneAble has messed it up. The only way I can do any further investigation is if I can get a copy of your iTunes XML files and have a look myself.

They are located in [your home folder]\My Documents\My Music\iTunes and it's called 'iTunes Music Library.xml'. Also there is a subfolder there called 'PhoneAble Backup' which should have the original XML, which would be useful for debugging as well. If you want you can email them to me and I'll have a look.

Sometimes they can be in [your home folder]\My Music\iTunes as well... just look for your My Music folder and go from there.