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John K
08/09/2010 2:14pm
I used the app and all appeared to work. However I was unable to transfer any music, it was as if I hadn't run the app. Is it because I'm running Itunes 10 ?
John K
08/09/2010 8:15pm
I uninstalled Itunes 10 and reinstalled back to Itunes 9.2.1
I then retried the app and bingo!! it all works fine.
24/09/2010 10:09pm
The key to the iTunes library on v10 is in the XML file iTunes Music Librairy whose path is User / Music / iTunes Music Librairy and the line is <key> Library Persistent ID </ key> up to you to play
25/09/2010 6:31am
Chris: yes that is one location that we know of already where the library ID is stored, the other being being the binary iTunes Library.itl file. PhoneAble changes BOTH of these files already to have a new Library ID. Whats annoying is that iTunes 10 resets both those settings to it's idea of the Library ID when it runs, overwriting the PhoneAble changes.

So yeah, until we find where it's getting it's Library ID from and change that too it's not going to work.