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Author/Date How to use OpenSSL under Linux?
16/09/2010 3:53pm

i installed on my ubuntu openssl but it dont work.
i copy the compiled OpenSSL files (libcrypto.a and libssl.a and the OpenSSL binary ("openssl") into scribe directory but it dont work.

ssl settings and ports are setting up on the scribe config, but i get no error message

how to install under ubuntu?
16/09/2010 4:01pm
assert failed, file: code/scribessl.cpp, line 67 0

this error message i get on closing scribe
16/09/2010 6:00pm
You'll be need the dynamic libraries for Scribe, the .a files are static libraries.

To be honest the last release of Scribe doesn't run well on current Linux distros. I do however have a fairly complete GTK port of Scribe, however it has some show stopper bugs and I don't have time to get it finished at the moment.