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Author/Date Can't connect to gmail
Jeffrey Needle
14/11/2010 5:40pm
Using 1.9 i.scribe Test 5 release. I use gmail for my e-mail. I have the port set to 995 for receiving mail and 465 for sending, as recommended by gmail. I have SSL checked. But I can neither send nor receive mail. Is there something else I can check? It's very curious. Thanks!
14/11/2010 7:55pm
Currently Scribe can't connect to Gmail because it doesn't support the required authentication mechanism. This has been on the todo list for ages and everytime that I look at it I don't get anywhere. I'd like to fix it but I don't really have the time at the moment and it's certainly not easy to fix.
28/11/2010 9:20am
I have iScrive 1.90 Test Rel 5 working just fine with gmail for sending.

For receiving I have gmail forward all mail to my ISP email account.

But iScribe does download any mail I send from the gmail portal into my iscrice inbox. I copy that to my sent folder. Works really well !
02/01/2011 6:04am

For your information:

I had V2 Beta 26 on my machine and had no problems sending and receiving from Gmail.

When I upgraded from v2 Beta 26 to 28 however I couldn't send any emails and have since downgraded to 26 and all working fine again.