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01/12/2010 12:41am
Hello, InScribe is running on my Windows 7 64 bit machine, but always after restarting InScribe, I have to configure Inscribe new... this can't be the right doing... Regards, Michael.
01/12/2010 7:42am
I've got Win7-64 installed on another partition, I'll see if I can reproduce the problem.
04/02/2011 12:10pm
Someone here posted that v1.88final works on Win7 64, and I'm running it on that too. I don't have that problem.
06/02/2011 2:33am
However, I've installed v2 beta26, and now I DO have that problem. Account setup, settings and installed plug-ins all gone every time I start up. Fortunately I haven't bothered to set up any more than the minimum.
I had done a regular install (not USB/stand alone). I also did a thorough uninstall of v1.88final beforehand (manually cleaned out the registry afterward, and ran a registry cleanup tool, then shutdown and restarted).
Very curious.
I had installed v2.26 in the very beginning of my search for the right version, and this wasn't happening then.

Win7 64, Intel i5 processor
07/02/2011 12:05pm
I've now installed v2b28. It remembers my settings.