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Author/Date Major bug and memory consumption problem!
30/01/2003 12:11pm
I had iscribe running minimised to the system tray. I tried to load Visual Studio but nothing happened. When I checked the task manager (Win2k) iscribe's memory usage was 32Mb and rising! I had to kill iscribe to stop this. As soon as I killed iscribe, Visual Studio 6 started loading.
30/01/2003 3:54pm
This was a bug in eariler versions of v1.85, it is fixed in the latest release (Zip take 3).
30/01/2003 7:50pm
I'm 90% sure I'm using Take 3.
30/01/2003 7:51pm
I'm using 1.85, build: Jan 9 2003, 15:03:27.
30/01/2003 7:54pm
Oops, just found build: Jan 29 2003, 16:13:35.