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Author/Date Scripting console errors on startup
30/04/2014 10:49pm
After upgrading to b47, I'm now getting the following script errors on startup:
CompileError:Before Send.script:12 - Function 'Strstr' not defined.
CompileError:Mail Filters Menu - Copy.script:6 - Function 'Strchr' not defined.

I'm guessing that these two filters are broken. Were these undefined functions removed from the code? Is there a quick fix for these errors?
01/05/2014 9:59am
The installer should have overwritten the files in the Scripts sub-folder, but for whatever reason it doesn't (I'll fix for next release). To fix those errors delete the Scripts sub-folder and re-install. That'll put the new scripts in there that don't have the errors.

The Scripting API has had a big overhaul and some of the methods that were originally global in scope are now object members.

pos = Strstr(str, "findme");

is now
pos = str.Find("findme");
04/05/2014 5:51am
Thanks, that fixed those errors.

I'm not sure how significant it is, but I'm getting the following warning whenever I right click on an email:
00000030 IDomGet warning: Unexpected type NULL (..\..\Lgi\trunk\src\common\Coding\GScriptVM.cpp:1615).
05/05/2014 11:00am
00000030 IDomGet warning: Unexpected type NULL (..\..\Lgi\trunk\src\common\Coding\GScriptVM.cpp:1615).
I've seen those too, but haven't had the time to check it out. I expect the script could be written better. It might need some more error checking.

But in the meantime it doesn't seem to break anything so feel free to ignore it.