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Author/Date b47 hangs relentlessly
03/05/2014 8:30am
Scribe b47 hangs at the slightest provocation, i.e., clicking on something while it's thinking about something else. I suspect that it might be a result of having a mail store that's over 1/2 GB. Going back to b46 fixes this problem.
03/05/2014 8:56am
What format is your mail store? (mail2 or mail3)
03/05/2014 10:54am
03/05/2014 12:17pm
By "hang" do you mean the program stops responding forever and you have to kill it using task manager?
Or does it just lock up for a bit and then start responding again?

Can you describe a simple set of steps that reproduces the problem?

I haven't noticed any significant change in mail3 performance in the last little while so it's probably something specific to your machine or folders. In fact the sqlite DB code itself hasn't changed at all.

However I personally use IMAP folders for the most part these days.
04/05/2014 5:26am
It seems to have fixed itself by reinstalling b46 and then putting b47 back on top.

To satiate your curiosity, it was hanging by not responding indefinitely.
30/05/2014 11:15am
Somewhat off-topic, but I did not want to create a whole new thread: Where does one obtain 2.00 beta 47? The latest download links all cite beta 46 and no later.
01/06/2014 4:28am
b47 is for the InScribe version. The i.Scribe version has not been updated yet -- probably an oversight. Hopefully, fret will update it for you.
01/06/2014 8:34am
Yes I haven't gotten around to make the i.Scribe builds yet. The customers have been getting bug fixes. I will endeavour to make an i.Scribe build in the next few days.
13/06/2014 7:30pm
I'm still getting the "Scribe has stopped working" error by doing next to nothing, i.e., opening a mail folder. It looks like this is a problem with large mail stores. I have three mail stores active; one at 590 MB and the other two are at 200 MB. Any time I touch the large mail store Scribe crashes; the others I can browse around without consequence. I'm using mail3 type stores.

This is a problem with builds 47 through 51. Build 46 has no problems. If the mail store was corrupt, I would expect that build 46 would also have problems.

I will be purging my mail store and I will see if I can determine at what size the crashing starts.
13/06/2014 8:33pm
When it crashes it should generate a crash dump file. It usually goes in c:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Scribe with the extension of .dmp

Do you have any of those dump files generated by the latest build?
14/06/2014 8:05am
There's a trace.txt file in this folder, but no .dmp files are generated by this problem. It's more of a hang, than a crash; I have to terminate the program forcefully.
14/06/2014 11:23pm
I split the large mail store into two stores and that solved the issue -- no more hanging. I can now use the latest builds -- yippee.