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Author/Date Synchronize with phone?
08/07/2004 1:14pm
I would like to synchronize my mobile phone with InScribe. (My phone can synchronize with Outlook). Is there any program available that can pretend to be Outlook and interface with InScribe?
I know this is a long shot but it is worth asking anyway.
12/07/2004 1:00pm
.....or is it possible to use Outlook address book from within InScribe?
14/07/2004 9:04pm
Does your phone have some sort of API or program that can import data?

The Outlook address book can be imported into Scribe, but that makes a copy of it and any changes you make in Scribe are not reflected in Outlook.
03/08/2004 5:22am
Phones sort of have an API. Some use modem AT commands to communicate and to synchronize. However, most phones now use the SyncML protocol. There's a website at:
Matthew Allen
03/08/2004 5:27am
I'm about to look into writing a plugin that either does SyncML directly or uses a library to do it. I'm just looking around for any libraries that run on both windows and linux that do SyncML with most mobiles devices.

Havn't looked that hard yet though... if people want to do the research for me then that would speed development of a syncronization plugin up somewhat. I have an older Palm I can play with and one of my friends has a P800 PDA/Phone which does SyncML as well.

As for other devices I just don't have access to test the code on so thats why I'm angling towards a library rather than direct access.