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13/01/2017 5:47pm
Hi :)

old bug

Mail has files as attachment
I deleted all attachments. Now mail hasn't attachments.
but size of mail is as previous size.
and size of database is as previous size.

I asked for its 2 years ago:

Make please value of size by one dimension
BAD (align left):
1.49 kB
863 b
2.32 MB

GOOD (!!! align right !!!):
     1,490 b
       863 b
2.3200.000 b

13/01/2017 7:18pm
as variant, as explorer (in KB only)
2 KB
1 KB
2,320 KB
14/01/2017 2:04am
addition for attachment deleting

Do compact mailstore after deleting attachment in one email.
After compacting, Mail renew attachment-has-flag and previous size
19/01/2017 10:38am
Hey, yes I read this. I just don't have time to look at it in depth yet. There are some higher priority stuff to fix first. The current dev build sometimes sends a blank text mime segment when the correct message is in the HTML mime segment (e.g. multipart/alternative). Also the handling of broken options files needs completing. Losing all your settings is not fun.
30/04/2017 8:27am
I fixed a bug in the mail size calculation where it was recursing over the MIME tree properly. It seems to be getting the size right both when adding and deleting attachments. This fix will be in v2.1.43