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Author/Date importing .eml messages
16/08/2004 10:29pm
I have a bunch of exported Fozmail .eml meassages but can't figure out how to import them into iScribe, anyone know how? Thank you!
16/08/2004 11:23pm
You can't drag it from the file manager/desktop onto a folder?

(This is discussed in the help for importing / exporting)
Mike H.
17/08/2004 9:41am
Nope, after reading that on the forum I tried it but it didn't work. I dragged them using file manager and I also dragged them to the desktop and then to the folder and still nope. Thank you though. (I wonder if it is because I am using Windows 98/SE with 98Lite in Micro mode, which uses the Win95 Shell and all MSHTML stripped out?) I'll load up Windows 98/SE without 98Lite Micro mode and see if it works, will post results later.
GKar / Mike H.
17/08/2004 2:41pm
Found out you cannot import (drag and drop) .eml messages unless you have Outlook Express installed on your system. As I have Outlook Express uninstalled via 98Lite it wouldn't work. When I put Outlook Express back on I was able to import .eml messages to iScribe.
17/08/2004 11:02pm
That sounds like windows is missing the MIME type details for .eml files. When you install Outlook Express sets up the right MIME type.

Scribe uses the MIME type to choose which import method. I already have a few overrides for various extensions in the case the operating system reports the wrong MIME type. So what I'll do is add .eml as a override mapping so that it doesn't break when Windows is not setup correctly.
GKar / Mike H.
18/08/2004 2:57am
Sounds like you have it under control! I guess there aren't that many 98Lite users out there. I just tried the same thing with Windows ME using 98Lite and same results. My own workaround was to 1st import the .eml messages into iScribe then uninstall address book and outlook express afterwards. =)
18/08/2004 7:44am
Hi there - well, there is at least one more 98lite user, me here. I've noticed the problem too in the past, but never bothered to report. Is it something that should be reported to Mr. Brooks too?
Mike H.
18/08/2004 3:22pm
Couldn't hurt to report it to Shane, I have a few others to toss at him. To me it is just a minor annoyance since it is just a matter of the order in doing things. I also notice that when I link to Ebay from an email in iScribe that the link fails or comes up with "bad username / password" message.
08/09/2004 3:16am
"I guess there aren't that many 98Lite users out there."

I'm not so sure, especially in a forum like this. I would have thought that the same philosophy that drives a user to try 98Lite would be similar to that of a Scribe user. Slim, fast, uncluttered (the software, that is).