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Author/Date [Bug] Deleting from preview with PopOverHTTP
Justin Heiner
20/08/2004 6:17pm
I seem to have found a bug in test18 using the PopOverHTTP protocol... took me a few lost e-mails to figure it out though :-)

It seems to be deleting messages that I don't specify that I want to delete. Here's how I can reproduce it:

If I send myself 2 "delete" e-mails, then 1 "keep" e-mail, then 1 "delete" e-mail, then 1 "keep" e-mail, then 1 "delete" e-mail. Click on the preview button. Check "delete" on the "delete" e-mails, and don't check anything for the "keep" e-mails. It seems to delete random e-mails. Do it a couple times with different amounts of messages and you will get different results.
14/09/2004 7:47am
Were you sorting the preview list?

Because that causes out of order execution of the commands ("delete" / "download" etc). This bug is fixed in the Test21, which I'm in the process of releasing.