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25/08/2004 6:46am
I can not get the whitelist to function properly. Bayes catches mails from adresses that I (thought) that I had whitelisted.

Can anyone give me an example on how I would write in the whitelistbox if I were to whitelist & (I think I'm doing something wrong here)

Robert Bleeker
26/08/2004 3:35am
asaik the white list is build automatically from the saved emails outside of the 'spam' folder, when you select 'Rebuilt Bayesian Word Lists' from the 'Filter' menu.
It took me ages to get it to work, but seems to function for me when I rebuild the lists while the filter is in training mode.

27/08/2004 4:46am
That is *not* the same. What you have done is to train the bayesian filter.

As I have understood it the whitelist should clear a mail before the bayesian filter kicks in. But I wonder if I use the correct syntax because the bayesian filter keeps taking some mails from adresses that I have whitelisted.

27/08/2004 4:59am
I think it's time I weighed in on this issue.

After procrastinating as much as I could I finally decided I should really look at this and see what was up with it.


This is going to sound really bad...

But well...

It's not implemented.

I mean the option tag is there to store the text into the options file, but thats about it. It's not used anywhere in the code. I must have either lost the code somewhere along the lines or forgot I hadn't implemented the back end. I could swear that I implemented it... I remember thinking about the implementation details. But now looking at the codebase I can't see the option being used anywhere at all.

So, well I'll make sure it goes in the next release.
27/08/2004 5:09am
Done. Fixed. Implemented.

My whitelisted sender got his "viagra hot teens mortgage" message into my inbox ;)
27/08/2004 5:59am
Woaa. That was quick :-)

Tank's a lot.

01/09/2004 6:01am
Since you released test19 with a functional whitelist I haven't had a single spam mail that has got through. That's 100% accuracy sofar.