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Author/Date is Preview window deleting the wrong messages?
04/09/2004 2:36pm
After a couple of weeks without downloading my mails I decided it was time to cleanup my pop3 mailbox.

I used the Preview feature in Scribe to delete from the server some of the mails I had already read online in the past, and download some of the newer ones.
When the list of messages in server appeared I clicked on the "From" column so I would have them sorted by author.
I used the checkboxes to mark which messages should be just deleted, which ones should be downloaded and deleted, and which ones should just stay on server.
I clicked OK... Some messages I had not checked were downloaded, and some messages I marked for deletion are still on the server :(
I just hope no unread messages were deleted.

What could be wrong? Maybe sorting the list confused Scribe somehow?
06/09/2004 12:38am
Yes sorting the list confuses it. I did fix this a month or 2 ago, but I'll need to check that the fix is still in the current build. I suspect it's not. But I've got a todo entry for it anyway. So I havn't forgotten about it, I've just been working on more important things.
10/09/2004 8:59am
I just saw you fixed it in changelog :)