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06/09/2004 9:04am
I would like to use pop over html but need a PHP server to host the script that bundles the POP mailbox data into webpages.
Can anyone help?
Are you using Pop over HTML?

Regards, Jezzy
Rytis Umbrasas
07/09/2004 8:36am
Yes, I'm using it. I'm live under the proxies, firewalls, so before I know Scribe I should use just not so smart webmailers for my personal email.
Scribe's "pop over http" feature let me feel much better. It's the main reason why I use Scribe at all.

My home internet provider took me some space for my web page, pop3 mail on server, so I could use it for popoverhttp.php script.
May You ask Your internet provider for that?

Matthew wrote somwhere that the best way to have that php script on the same machine like Your pop mailbox for better performace.

07/09/2004 9:12am

Can you tell me who your home internet provide is?

Many thanks, Jezzy
Rytis Umbrasas
08/09/2004 11:02am
It's small town in Lithuania - Alytus.
I'm using wireless internet from
Sorry, they has no english pages :(

Every user of that provider gets 3mb for personal web pages..
I'v put there that script, and it works.

I think every internet provider should take You the same.

If You need more detailed information, write me:
rytis AT

Maybe fRet could sugest some good place for phpoverhttp.php script ?
Mine provider is too small and has no expiriens to comunicate english..
Would be better to find something more serious.

If it's problem to find provider for php script, I'll try to find You some more expirienced provider in Lithuania.

08/09/2004 2:43pm
Rytis, thanks for your help and patience.
Rytis Umbrasas
09/09/2004 7:28pm

Look for "free php hosting"

You will get more, You can read :)
28/09/2004 6:14am
Or try here :)