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Author/Date unhandled exception at importing messages
26/10/2004 5:05pm
I've got some troubles when importing mbox messages. I've exported from the bat and many of messages are ok but some time I receive an exception window: undhandled exception
code c0000005
call stack:
I track the message when the window appears, I deleted it but appear other messages with the same problem. I have to export/import my messages piece with piece and there are too many.

Waiting for help
26/10/2004 5:31pm
Anybody here? :)
27/10/2004 1:28am
Usually it takes an average of 12 hours for responses to show up due to the differences in timezones.

Firstly what version are you using?

Secondly, if you want me to look at the issue I'm going to need a MBOX file that crashes the current version of Scribe. I can fix bugs in old versions. You can zip it and mail it to me and I'll import it into Scribe and fix any issues I find.
27/10/2004 1:03pm
I have downloaded the test 25 and it's ok now. I was using test 20 of 1.87

Now let me know if I may suggest something that may improve the quality of this client that, otherwise, I like it a lot! These things are NOT BUG!
1. one of the most important thing I think it is that I can modify the messages that is already sent. This could be very dangerous from the many points of view. Do the same thing as with the received messages (block editing mode). I thing that a message could be modified only in case of new, replying, forwarding message.

2. I would like to edit address from recipient doing only double click (only for editing mode of messages, not for received or sent messages)

3. I would like, when editing message, when I write a set of caracter, to be possible to open a sub-window with all addresses that match that group of caracters, to be possible to select the write adress. Is a kind of lookup more advanced that the OE one (which write the correct address function of how many characters I typed)

4. Would be better also if you may do an option to delay the process of sending messages (to be sent only at the time of checking server or when I choose send button from the main frame). This thing save me, in OE, from dramatic situations, when I had the necessary time for take over the message from Outbox and re-editing...

5. Also would be better if I can delete any message simply just with shift+del command.

These things I've observed after just using the scribe since 2 two days :) Is the most nice and low resources e-mail client that I've used in last 5 years.
27/10/2004 1:40pm
also I observe, for that time, a bug:

I want to do reply at one message imported from mbox but in recipient appears MY address with ? character at beginning. This constantly happens at messages imported from mbox. Also, at the same messages imported from mbox, is not appears the sign for attachment, but I have attachment. The good news are that I could open the attachment. If I import the same message from OE, the sign appears.
29/10/2004 8:03pm
a confirmation please?