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27/10/2004 12:26pm
I wanted to get back to the Charset issue discussed at

Did you thought about it? It seems that more users have problems with that. A simple selection which charset the program uses for default would be fine i think.

I have also problem to copy and paste text from e-mails to other programs. Even I switch to the correct charset after pasting special characters like etc. dissappear. That's very annoying if you have to through a 3 page translation and look for missing - and you don't even know that language...

btw. When test26 will be released? the fix list is quite long already...

Rytis Umbrasas
28/10/2004 3:45pm
Gerwin wrote in the past:
Well it could be a selection like in the send tab "Preferred charsets for sending" just on the Receive tab called like "Preferred charset for incoming messages", either by account or for the whole program.

Dear Fret.
I agree it would be useful too.

People are using hotmail's, yahoo's and other stupid emailers and they are using non english letters, because they don't know, that these emailers are too stupid for non english mesages. How they can know that?
When we have got damaged message it's too late to teach others for internet standarts.

So we are talking how Scribe is powerfull to understand how stupid world is :)

Every region has diferent locale charset, so if would Scribe will have posibility to choose prefered charset for stupid and not correct messages.. It would be great.

I'm sure we would see less damaged messages, if we could make default charset for incoming messages too. Even when we don't believe that charset=ascii record is correctly used by sender.

Other email client programs has this option too. It makes program more powerfull, and more smart for living in so stupid and not correct world :)

Make default charset for incoming messages "ascii", but please take posibility to teach Scribe to live in real world with stupid email messages too.

Rytis Umbrasas

Rytis Umbrasas
28/10/2004 4:02pm
How about making filters?

Imagine filter-rule:

If yahoo, hotmail and other non multilanguage sender, read it like iso-8859-1 or other charset, popular in my locale.

One more "nice to have" feature.. :)