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Robert Bleeker
29/10/2004 5:23am
Hi Matt,

Here is one for your list of requests.

I really would love to see the preview window receive some tab buttons along the top of it.
Here is a image mock-up.

Too often I have to open the message completely to find out who else it was send to, or to open an attachement, and it could all be handled straight from the main interface.
Matthew Allen
29/10/2004 5:34am
This is something I might consider for v2. At the moment I'm holding back on features to build a really stable version of 1.x that can operate as a baseline version for the user base while I build v2. I can't really put any effort into v2 when there are so many complaints/bugs etc in v1.x

I feel I'm actually quite close to the mythical "stable" version. I have high hopes for test26.

*fingers crossed*
29/10/2004 9:20am
Talking about the preview window and new features, I would like to be able turn of the preview for the Spam folder and substitutes... It's enough to see the subject in this folders.