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Author/Date Linux config files -- copy from windows?
Sean Johnson
29/10/2004 5:43pm
i just installed Libranet (100% Debian) on my laptop at home. I use Inscribe on my USB key at work and home. While i have set Linux-scribe to use the mail2 folder on my USBkey, i don't know how to get it to use the settings (accounts, prefs, etc).

Can i copy the settings from a file on my windows version to my scirbe linux directory? What files do i copy?

29/10/2004 10:35pm
This might work: put the scribe.r file in the same folder as the mail2 file (on the USB key) and then use the -o option to pass the path to the scribe.r file to both the Linux scribe and Windows scribe exe's. After fiddling around this should get you using the same options file on both platforms. There may be issues doing it this way, so let me know how it goes. It was always my intention for it to work this way.

I think if you put the executables in the same folder (on the key) you might not even need to use the -o command... because it looks in the current folder. But you'd burn a MB or 2 for the exe files.