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30/10/2004 3:09pm
I use InScribe test v26 and I have problems with the bayesian filtering. I have collected 200+ spam mails and I have rebuilt the wordlist. When ever a new mail arrives and I select "analys selected mail" I get 1% for all words, total 0% for mail. Am I missing something? Since most of my spam mails are in English and the ham is in Swedish or Norwegian it should work better, or? (WinXP pro SP1)
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01/11/2004 4:00am
Do you have some .wdb files in the Scribe directory? It sounds like you have no word databases loaded.
02/11/2004 5:51pm
You are correct. This is all that is in the spamwords.wdb:
GWordStore v1.00 Items=62, Words=0
How do I rebouild this one?
02/11/2004 10:07pm
The reason that the spamwords file is empty is probably because the spam folder in Scribe doesn't have any spam in it or it's not there... or maybe you renamed it of something.

Once you have the spam in the right folder (/Spam) use the Filters->Rebuild word lists. And you'll get a spamwords.wdb with something in it.
03/11/2004 7:31am
I renamed the /Spam folder and created a new one called spam. I seleced all 234 messages in the old spam folder and selected "delete as spam". That moved all the messages into the new spam folder. I guess that means that I did set it up correctly, or?
I tried to rebuild the list but the spamwords.wdb is still 35 bytes. I then removed the spamwords.wdb and tried to recreate it but it is still only 35 bytes.
Is there something else I could try?
03/11/2004 7:38am
What is your Bayesian filtering options set to?

03/11/2004 7:50pm
I have tried all modes and it does not matter. It does not rebuild the spamwords correct. Is there something else I can try?
15/11/2004 7:47pm
Do you have any other suggestions? I really want this to work. I now have 5000+ spam messages but still it will not update my spamwords file.