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Author/Date Great program ( + suggestions)
31/10/2004 6:09pm
Great email client you have developped here. Nice, lite, looks good. My compliments.

I have been playing around wirh it for some time and i have some suggestions:
-first of all, i didnt get html mail to work either :/
(it sends attachments, but no inline display)

-I saw the html for the title, i think there are options here.
it would be cool if users could define what they wanted to display here
like shows unread message, how about
as an option to show unsent info, and
to show a weeks overview in the infopane

There might be many options to use inside this part of the client, maybe a
background image (maybe also 1 for the sidepane - folderbar)

So, basically i just point out some options that might add extra value to
users that like to customize the program a bit.

01/11/2004 5:30am
Unsent info is the unread field on the outbox folder.

Where do you want this background image?
(i've edited the title html environment to support background images - a 1 one change... if you want to customize it a future version)