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Author/Date An address appears always in recipient
04/11/2004 10:58am
Even I did a new mail with blanc recipient or I command new e-mail for..., in the recipient appears, "by default", an unwished address and in the second case appears as the second address where to send the message. The title of the window is "Mail Message(Changed)", even I did the New Message command.
I'm lucky that I was careful, because the address that have not to be appearing is from another supplie :D
04/11/2004 11:08am
Again I "fixed" the trouble restarting my PC. The OS is a new installed one. I had no time to install the rest of software, just scribe, my AV, Adobe reader and a defragmenter. It should be normal for any anomaly to restart my PC?
04/11/2004 11:09am
This is a "feature", you can switch it off in the general tab of the options. It's called "Populate recipients from clipboard".

I forget if it's on or off by default.

The reason that rebooting the PC "fixed" the problem is that it clears the clipboard.
04/11/2004 1:07pm