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08/11/2004 1:10pm
Just some minutes ago I've had the second surprise from the same series: I finished the message->send. Then I've seen amazing that in the sent item is a chopped message. It was another case one week ago, when an entire body was deleted (remaining just a half word). Imagine what my correspondents says about my letters, mm? It never happens to me before. Now I use a keylogger to see what happens there and this confirms me my complain.
09/11/2004 2:30pm
Today was another event like this. Let me know what to do, please. I wrote until know more that 1500 messages with some e-mail clients and this it never happens to me. I am waiting for an urgent answer.
09/11/2004 4:36pm
Also there is some things to be better: for example when I have to put more addresses from the same company in the recipient, I must open each vcf to edit, I have to copy the e-mail address and then to paste into the address bar. Any action with drag and drop or directly copy/paste was failed. This is very hard to me, because I need to find an address or two among many many others. Ok, i found it with ctrl+F. And from there I couldn't do anything, just edit and cut-paste.
16/11/2004 12:10am
Firstly I'm not sure whats going on with the messages getting chopped off. If you don't mind answering a few questions I might be able to get to the bottom of it.
1) Do you have libiconv.dll installed?
2) Do you use the spell checker plugin?
3) If you do, is it set to auto-check on send?
4) Which operating system (and version) are you running?
5) Which version of Scribe?
6) What do you have the "prefered charsets" set to in the send/smtp options?
7) What type of text are you sending? i.e. is it in a particular charset?

I know it's a lot of questions to ask but they all have relevance to the encoding and sending of email.

Secondly with regard to your wish at use drag and drop to attach recipients to an email, I've added support for dropping contacts from the main window to the recipient list of an email. However if you drop the contacts outside the recipient list of the email window they attach as vCard files. Which was the old default behaviour. The plan is to support vCard files in this manner as well.
16/11/2004 10:41am
ok! Thanks for question. I'll answer at how many I can
1. I search for libiconv.dll. There is nothing like that on both drive c: and drive where I have the scribe.
2.I have spell checker plugin.
3.I'm not sure what means auto check but it's set when I try to send, automatically appears the spell window, when I manually modify the word with another from the list.
4.Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4 (build 2195)
5. i.scribe 1.87, test26, win32 release
6. iso 8859-13, windows-1252
7. it is english text, no special.